Outdoor coaching, from the outside in


A playful, promising journey to your natural self.

Do you want to get away from your daily worries for a while and turn inward? Looking for inspiration, relaxation, more fun and direction?

The Hero’s Path offers coaching programs in the Netherlands and reflecting/hiking Walkabouts on the pilgrimage routes of Spain.

With all the time for yourself you feel how you are really doing.

Walking in Nature, the fun along the way and the personal attention of your coach enable you to get closer to your true self. And inspire you with the courage to do things differently.

Are you ready for some adventure?
Put your hiking boots on and start walking!

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The Camino is an experience: a pilgrimage talked about enthusiastically by many people. An adventurous journey of fascinating encounters and physical experiences which provide insights that can influence lives in a positive way. These stories may have also fueled the feeling in you that one day you will walk the Camino yourself.

Often people heed the call of the Camino when they are at a turningpoint in their lives. In expectation, they set out with a load of ballast in their backpacks towards an unknown  route,  in the hope that the insights and answers will magically appear. And yes, you will meet yourself. you do feel free, adventurous and relaxed. But back home after it”s over you slip into the old routines and habits, and you realize that nothing has really changed. I takes more to truly come to yourself and live the life that really suits you.

Professional guidance and personal attention can provide those Aha moments, while giving you the tools to enable you to derive lasting benefit from the experience.

On this walking trip to Santiago de Compostela there will be plenty of time for reflection, and as your coach I will be walking by your side. 

You can choose from 2 packages:

  • Walking coaching: Individual personal coaching. You leave with a clear goal. At the end of your pilgrimage you have clear insights and a concrete plan in your backpack. You feel fit, energetic and resilient.
  • On Walkabout: A coaching-walking retreat. As in the tradition of the Aboriginals you step out of everyday life for a while to explore on your dreams and wishes. You reflect, experience the here and now and feel again what gives you energy. You return lighter and left the ballast in your backpack and head behind. Recharged and excited to give shape to your ideas and wishes. 

I am an enthusiastic and experienced coach, playful and adventurous by nature, a wanderer. Walking coaching is therefore a “natural” consequence for me. Walking/hiking coaching with the use of nature and play improves your mood, stimulates your brain to come up with creative solutions, and generates positive energy.

I coach in Dutch and English.