Everything they say about the Camino is true!

YES, it is a magical journeyYES, thousands of people walk this path, just like you, in reflection, and searching for answersAnd YES… it works. The Camino: a metaphor for your life path.

This centuries-old pilgrimage route invites you naturally to reflect while walking. The way in which you are yourself, meet yourself and know again how you stand in life.

Do you want to take steps in your personal development, career or vitality? Then let’s get moving! 

The Camino, it is not just a walk! 

♫  What a difference a day makes…brought the sun and the flowers, where there used to be rain  ♫

Awaken your senses!

Experience nature with all your senses. Our sense cells are in direct connection with our brain and help our stressed brain to regain a calm flow.

On this day you step out of your responsibilities, tasks and all other things that require your attention. Today is about you.

While we walk or play through the beautiful Nature, space is created in your head allowing you to make more conscious choices. All that in ONE day?

Let yourself be convinced and take that chance!