Who are you by nature?
Return to your true self through nature and play.

The Hero’s Path reconnects you to who you are and what you are capable of, and empowers you to walk your own hero’s path with joy, positivity, and a deep trust in yourself and the process of life.

My mission is to coach you on your inner journey, your hero’s path.
As your coach I walk with you, listening without judgment, asking questions and helping you to find out what you really want in your life. I encourage you to listen to yourself, to look at things differently, get out of your head into your body, to be in the here and the now. This leads to new insights and the desire to enjoy life again. That positive energy helps you to realize your goals, dreams and wishes.
To live THAT life that suits you.


You always have a choice, no matter the circumstances. Know yourself.

Believing that knowing yourself is at the core of living a happy and fulfilling life, The Hero’s Path playfully entices you to garner those “Aha!” insights that catalyze lasting and life-changing breakthroughs. When you know what is really important to you, being true to your values, you stay close to yourself and it enables you to take those actions that suit you.



Play provokes a state of joyful and delightful innocence, where we can all drop the weight of the past and the future and its emotional charge, and simply bask in the lightness of being, flow and fun.


Fostering self-awareness by lovingly and relentlessy asking questions to challenge the perceptions of who you think you are. This process opens your mind up to all the possibilities of life that you never deemed possible before.


Empowering you to explore your own untapped potential. Helping you to find the courage and freedom to release destructive fears and doubts, so you can live your most fulfilling life.


Encouraging self-inquiry and radical honesty by sharing tools and techniques to peel down the layers of social, environmental and cultural conditioning and discover who’s really there underneath of it all.


Rewiring our neural patterns to a psychology of powerful positivity. Nurturing the capacity to be solution- oriented: “ What IS possible? What Can I change/influence.”

The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are

– Joseph Campbell, The Hero’s Journey