About The Hero’s Path

The Hero’s Path is inspired by The Hero’s Journey by Joseph Campbell, American writer and professor of mythology. After years of intensive study of literature, myths, legends and religious stories, he discovered that all stories told all just one: The Hero’s Journey, with one universal theme: the desire to be yourself and to organize your life according to your wishes and not by the expectations of your environment or hindered by limiting thoughts and patterns.

This theme appears in movies like Star Wars and The Matrix. As in the books/movies about Harry Potter.

In The Hero’s Journey Joseph Campbell describes the journey of the hero in search of his own identity.

The journey has 3 main phases:

  • The call of adventure (something has to change, desire, urgency)
  • The journey (over the threshold, inner journey, challenges, insights, lessons learned, victory)  
  • The return (accomplishment, pride, strength, confidence, positive change) 

The hero sets out alone and receives help from his mentor, who advises, inspires and guides, gives him self confidence. On your journey I fulfill this role as your coach. “When the hero is ready, the mentor appears”.

The Camino: it’s not just a walk!

The Camino is THE way to start your inner journey, to walk your life path. On your hero’s journey you step out of your comfort zone right into adventure. You know where it begins and where it ends, everything in between is unknown.

Questions like:

  • Can I do this alone,
  • Am I still on the right track,
  • Do I trust myself or rather follow the others.
  • Do I prefer to walk alone,
  • What will I encounter along the way,
  • Where do I sleep tonight,
  • Why am I carrying such weight on my shoulders?

help you feel your body again, to listen to and trust it. Active in the here and now you decide what is best for you, what do I want?!

Once you arrive at your destination you feel proud and happy. As a hero you answered the call, you have encountered yourself,  faced and conquered your issues.

You return full of energy, eager to do things differently and open for a positive change in your life. 

Do you want to know more about The Hero’s Journey?

Read: The hero with the thousand faces by Joseph Campbell.

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