Via de la Plata

With your coach on a 8-day pilgrimage from Ourense to Santiago de Compostela.
Ourense is easily accessible from Santiago de Compostela by bus or train.

What does your journey look like?

I will walk this Camino first to try out if the route is suitable for coaching. This will be in the end of May 2023. Stay tuned for more information.

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Package: walk the camino

→ First steps:

  • At home: Get acquainted by phone/Zoom.             
  • Exploration of the theme you want to travel with.
  • Nature: 2 hiking exercises as preparation: what will travel with you in your backpack.
  • Ourense: personal acquaintance .

→ Start walking:

  • On the Camino: individual coaching on the road.
  • During the last coaching session you will:
  • celebrate your success.
  • anchor your insights.
  • have a plan for your next step.

→ Keep on walking:

  • Back home: Follow-up coaching consultation within 2 months of coming home.
  • Practical tools to keep on walking.

Notice: It is your Camino, this means that you will arrange your flight, accomodations and meals. I will ofcourse happily help you with any practical matters and tips and you will receive an information email after your booking. Read more under Practical info,

→ Information:

  • Dates: stay tuned
  • Duration: 
  • Total walking distance: 1
  • Start: 
  • Maximum participants: 
  • Investment: 
  • Excluding flight and accomodation

It’s your journey, and yours alone. Others may walk it with you, but no one can walk it for you