The flow

A 1-day individual coaching session on the banks of the river Sor

Get into your natural flow.
On this hike we follow the flow of the river Sor. Let yourself be carried away by its rapids, curves and flow on its journey to the Cantabrian sea.
On your inner journey, we explore your question or dilemma. While meandering, we immerse ourselves in the beauty of nature and silence, feeling utterly relaxed.
Depending on what catches your eye on the way, we will occasionally stand still. How does that which caught your eye symbolize you or your dilemma? By listening very carefully and asking questions, and using nature as a tool, insights will come.
Inspired and energized, we will end our hike at the waterfall where you are picked up to return to the starting point.
This hike is known as Ruta Ribeira do Bispo.

→ Information:

  • Distance : 12 km
  • Start 10 am, from A Ribeira Do Bispo, Galicia 
  • Finish 4 pm, at Miradoiro de Augas Caidas, Galicia
  • Available: on request
  • Investment: 69€ , excl. taxes
  • Cash payment on the spot

Our life is shaped by our mind, for we become what we think

– Buddha